Stream – 5 advanced tips

Stream – 5 advanced tips

Advanced Tips to use with your Stream

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Perfect Your Integration

These tips help you perfect your integration with Stream:

The Data Model

We recommend that you setup feed groups for every object in your app which you can follow. Say you’re building a music app like Spotify. In that case you would create a feed group for “timeline”, “notification”, “user”, “artist” and “playlist”. If you’re building a video app like YouTube you would setup feed groups for “timeline”, “notification”, “user”, “channel” and “playlist”.

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Foreign IDs

When you add an activity be sure to specify the foreign_id. This helps us determine uniqueness, it makes deletes easier and allows you to integrate detailed analytics.

TO Field

If you’re implementing @mentions, notification feeds or add activities to multiple feeds (teams, topics, etc) you definitely want to review the TO field .

Custom Ranking

By default all feeds are sorted chronologically. Custom ranking allows you to control how the feed is ranked. Some examples are boosting popular content, featured content or maybe sponsored posts. .

Activity Storage

For larger apps we recommend that you store activities in your own database and sync the activity data to Stream. This gives you more flexibility in terms of reporting and updates. If you’re using one of our framework integrations this is taken care of automatically.

As always feel free to contact us if you have questions or run into any issues.



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