Hey Jon, Dan Nice from Ambition [number removed]. On my email this morning just wanted to check with you see if I could help out and I know you’re talking about the site. If you could give me a call back or shoot me an email [number removed] or Dan dot nice that’s [email removed] Hope all’s well. Talk to you soon. Bye.

Hi John this is Minette from WePow video interviewing. I just giving you a call so we can get a call scheduled probably sometime this week or next week when you’re available. So just give me a call back. My no. is [number removed] that’s [number removed]. Thanks so much John bye bye

Hey John this is Nick Walker with Gainsight I want to give you a quick call saw that you’d requested a demo, I would love to connect see what you’re looking for any customer success platform. Give me a buzz when you a minute minute. Direct out here is [number removed] that’s [number removed]. Thanks John. Nick Walker with Gainsight. Look forward to hearing from you soon

Hi John this is Patrick calling from SugarCRM. Hope you’re doing well. I just noticed(?) that you signed up for trial. I was hoping to get a quick chance to to introduce myself as your first point of contact. My role here is to make sure that there’s a potential fit between what you’re looking for and based on our platform to do to save you some time in your evaluation. Give me a call back when you can my no. is [number removed] and country code one for the United states. That’s +[number removed]. Thank you John. Forward to speaking with you. Bye bye.

Hey Jon, Alex from LeanData. I saw that you requested a demo so I was calling to set up some time give me a call back at [number removed]. Also sent you an email earlier so feel free to follow up with me through that as well. Thanks and I’ll try again later. Bye bye

Hi John Steven Walton(?) with Cloudability. Hope you’re doing well thanks again for the reach out, happy to put together a call for you for sure on our drawing demonstration of for AWS cloud cost management. My no. is [number removed] I’ll send you quick email and look forward to scheduling some time. Thanks again.

Hey Jon how’s it going this is Harmon Bruno here from Clearslide I saw you’d requested a demo and so I wanted to get you up speed on that. Give me a call here when you get this. Area code [number removed] I’ll follow up with something emailed to you as well. Really appreciate it. Thanks so much

Hey John good morning this is Charles calling from Janrain. Hey just calling back here to connect with you. Received a contact request to chat a little bit more about a demo here with January rain so feel free just give me a call back. Looking to schedule time with you as well as just gather a little bit more information used to make it worth more beneficial to you in your time my number here at Janrain is [number removed]. Again Charles with Jen Lane. My number is [number removed]. Also shoot you just a brief of the email that maybe easier to respond to you. Alright look forward to hearing from