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  • Software & SaaS companies: Case studies and information on cloud financials help software/SaaS companies streamline accounting and financial management, improve visibility, and tackle tough topics like subscription and revenue management.
  • Nonprofits: Case studies and information on how nonprofits are streamlining grant, fund, project, and donor accounting with specialized nonprofit financial management and accounting capabilities.
  • Services companies: Case studies and information on how cloud financials help services companies streamline accounting and financial management, improve visibility, and enhance on-time project delivery.
  • General information on why companies are choosing Intacct and the cloud for financial management.
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Hi John hope you’re doing well today. The reason for my call is you got a chance to pop by and download of our trials here at Intacct. I’m doing research into this, and my role is to support you in your research efforts. I wanted to see if you had a couple of minutes for a short call to see how I can support those efforts, find out a little bit about your interest, and do my best to get you any information will be useful to you. My name is Gio, my phone number here is [number removed]. I’ll follow up with a short email short introduction video out Intacct. My contact information there as well. I look forward to talking to you and helping your research process. Have a great day.

Need to scale your business? Time to change your financial management solution


Per my voicemail, here is the quick introduction to Intacct Accounting software I mentioned: Introduction to Intacct Accounting Software (2.4 min)

During a company’s growth stage you need a more robust financial solution to help you scale. What is the best way to get a brief 15 minute call on your calendar?

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Hi Jon hope you’re doing well wanted to follow up my voicemail from the other day my name is Gio Colletti. I work here at Intacct and noticed that you downloaded a trial of our accounting software. Hoping to learn a little bit about what spark your interest and see if I could provide you any further information in regards to in tact. We look to automate and streamline accounting process and provide real-time visibility with really strong reporting in the system. So if there’s a time that work for you for just a short call. Again is my role here is to help you if you research. Wanted to see how I could do so my direct phone number here is [number removed]. Look forward to talking to you soon against you at Intacct [number removed].

Intacct – The Leader in Innovation and Customer Satisfaction


Fast growing companies choose Intacct to resolve their inefficient data collection, lack of visibility, and reporting errors.

One of our clients, Renal Ventures, addressed all of these issues and recognizes $163,000 average annual benefit by switching to Intacct from QuickBooks. Read the case study: Renal Ventures Management

What would be a good time to discuss improving your accounting processes?


Giovanni Colletti

[White Paper] Finance at a Crossroads: The Risks of Standing Still

White Paper: Finance at a Crossroads: The Risks of Standing Still


Download the Saugatuck white paper Finance at a Crossroads: The Risks of Standing Still.Get tech-savvy to adapt to business change.

The pace and complexity of business is fierce and unrelenting, and the increasing demands for speed, compliance, and insight leave many CFOs searching for new answers.

Download this white paper and gain a clear understanding of the three high risk areas for CFOs:

– EffectivenessOutdated systems hold you back. Finance needs the right technology to keep up with rapid business change.
– AdaptabilityFinance teams must pivot quickly as opportunities and threats threaten to overturn business strategies.
– ResponsivenessHow can finance answer the call to play a more strategic role and add value?


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Cloud ERP excellence: The clear choice

Dear Jon,

When you’re evaluating cloud ERP solutions and inundated with all kinds of claims, counterclaims, and outright puffery, it’s not easy to weed out the hype and focus on what matters. So we’ll make it easier for you with some user reviews to consider. These reviews have information that comes from individuals like you, not brochures.

Check out the latest TechValidate survey results identifying the top reasons companies are moving from legacy on-premises systems like Sage and Microsoft Dynamics to Intacct’s best-in-class cloud ERP. Don’t settle for an outdated accounting system! See the benefits cloud financials can bring to your business

View the survey results here:

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Your business is growing. The right financial management system will help.


Companies planning to double their revenue have moved to Intacct’s cloud accounting software to streamline and automate their accounting process.

One of our most successful customers, Regent Entertainment, easily manages its multiple business units with Intacct. Their success story says it all. Click here to read about Regent Entertainment.

What is the best way to get a brief 15 minute call on your calendar?


Giovanni Colletti

Hi John hope you’re doing well it’s Gio here at Intacct. Just wanna reach out to you. See you requested one of our trials here was hoping to catch up to see what spark your interest make sure that we get you the information could be useful to you for your research so. So we can hop on a short call and see how I can help. My direct line [number removed]. That’s Gio at Intacct, [number removed]. Take care.