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5 Ways for Medical Device Companies to Implement Flawless Cloud Field Service
Thursday, July 14th
Register Now:For today’s medical device companies, the role of field service is going beyond just servicing devices. Field Service organizations are expected to increase profits with service contracts and other cross-selling activities. Field Service teams are also having to learn about IoT, mobile, and social platforms to deliver the highest level of customer service that today’s customer demands. And because it’s a regulated industry, field service is having to quickly adhere to updates and improvements regarding industry regulations.

In this webinar you will learn how the most successful medical device companies are moving to the Cloud to take advantage of all of the benefits that a cloud field service solution can provide_ and remain compliant while doing it!

The discussion will include:
– Learn the 5 things that every medical device company should do when implementing a field service application
– How some of the largest medical device companies are successfully moving field service to the Cloud
– Live Q & A session

Register Now:Thursday, July 14th

David Blewitt
Vice President of Cloud Compliance
USDM Life Sciences

Bryan Coddington
Vice President of Cloud Technology
USDM Life SciencesMicki Collart
Product Marketing Manager

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