PagerDuty Demo: How about something more personal?

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your interest in PagerDuty and for signing up for our live demo!
Here you’ll get an overview of PagerDuty’s solution and how we integrate
with your monitoring tools to automate on-call workflow and reduce
downtime, but I wanted to offer a personal and quick 20-30 minute demo/Q&A
better catered to your specific use case.

With the 1:1 demo you’ll:

– Have the ability to see whether PagerDuty fits exactly what you’re
trying to solve, spending more time on features that benefit YOU
– Have a personal Q&A in which you can clear up any specific questions
you may have

What’s the best way we can get 20-30 minutes into your calendar to sort
this out?



*Lizzy McNaney*
[image: PagerDuty logo]
[email removed]
[number removed]*

*If we didn’t get PagerDuty alerts, we wouldn’t have a business. – Airbnb*

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