Re: Let’s schedule your Zenefits demo

Hi Jon,

It has been a couple days since I received your request, and I have not heard back from you. Do you have any openings tomorrow? Let me know what is most convenient for you.



On 2016-08-22 15:22:20 UTC, Ben Butler [email removed] wrote:

Hi Jon,

I just got your request for a demo of Zenefits! The purpose of my email is to learn about your company so I can pair you with the right team at Zenefits for the demo. Zenefits syncs with many different payroll providers and insurance carriers so it is important for us to have some information before the demo.

Can you please answer the following questions about your company so we can better tailor the call?

1) What is your role with the company?

2) How many full-time US employees do you have?

3) What company do you use to process payroll?

4) Do you offer group medical benefits? If so who is your carrier?

5) What interested you in Zenefits? (Do you have any specific HR headaches you would like to solve?)

6) Who else besides yourself is involved in Benefits management and HR?

What time today or tomorrow works best for the call? Once I get your response, I will send a calendar invitation that contains the screen-share link for the demo.



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