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Hi Jon!
My name is Rob Sandie, co-founder here at vidIQ and wanted to personally reach out and let you know I’m super excited to help you get more views and reach your YouTube goals.
Noticed you may be still getting setup but just want to make sure you are fully setup so we can help out as best as possible:

Make sure to add your channel so we can provide insights and in-depth social analytics.
Install Chrome Extension so we can help you while navigating YouTube

A few things you may want to know:

We never share data onIn business for over 3+ years servicing providing secure and reliable audience growth for top brands.
Working with over 30k+ Authed YouTube channels
Our customer data is our customer data, we don’t share it with others.
Financially backed from top investors including Mark Cuban, Chris Sacca
Top brands trust us including Red Bull, Buzzfeed, AOL

Will be following up with a few tips and tricks.. any questions you have while getting started don’t hesitate to reach out!

vidIQ Academy: Raising your vidIQ Score

Hi Jon,
[Inline Image] You’ve seen this before, right?
The vidIQ score takes into account a ton of different stats to determine the likelihood that of your video surfacing in YouTube Search, Related Videos, and the Front Page (complete list of stats).

Optimize your metadata – Don’t leave your metadata empty, this is one of the best ways to get your videos seen by new viewers! vidIQ Pro’s keyword research tools and vidIQ Boost’s recommendations we’re built to optimize your metadata and get more views (find out more).

Trim the fat – Increase average watch time and completion rate by improving content or removing superfluous content.

Share and share alike – Don’t forget to promote your video on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Try to find out where viewers who watch your content hangout online and post the video there too!

Engage with your viewers – Ask questions, respond to your viewers comments, and check out their videos. If you’re not active, why should your viewers be?

See it in Action: Look at the difference between this video and this other video. What’s different?
Rob & Team vidIQ

vidIQ Academy: It’s all about VPH,baby!

Hi Jon,
Views Per Hour (VPH) aka view velocity is a great way to determine which videos are taking off to become viral. You can use vidIQ to keep tabs on your videos and your competitors.
[Inline Image] VPH is also important to Youtube search rankings because it tells YouTube which videos are trending, surfacing them more frequently all over the site.
Quick Tip! VPH updates over time so even if a video is older you can still see if viewership is heating up! With Pro you can also detect which videos are achieving the highest VPH. Rob and Team vidIQ

vidIQ Academy: Get with the Program

Hi Jon,
Scheduling videos to release at a regular cadence helps build anticipation and encourages your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It seems simple, but think about itif you know there’s going to be regular updates or episodes of your favorite shows you’re going to want to know about it.
[Inline Image] Hold yer horses! Just programming on a schedule isn’t enough, you need to let your fans know. There are tons of ways to do this, but here are some of the ones we recommend:

Talk about upcoming videos in your videos: Remind viewers in your videos by talking about when new content is coming out.
Include it in the video’s title and description: Do you release a new video on Mondays? Then work Weekly or Every Monday into the title and description.
Use annotations: Oops! You forgot to mention your next release in a video. No problem, tell viewers when the next video is releasing in annotations.
Create a Welcome video: Create a quick clip to feature on your channel that tells viewers what content to expect when and why they should subscribe to your channel.
Include it in your creative: Update your channel banner and create custom thumbnails that display what content releases on what days.

Quick Tip! Start slow_ There’s no need to schedule content on everyday of the week; consistency is more important than quantity!
Rob and Team vidIQ