Tangoe/Call Request

Hi Jon,
I just left you a voicemail, as I am following up with you per your inquiry to Tangoe to have a discussion around our Mobile Strategies. Is there an open time today that or tomorrow that we could kindly give you a call and learn more about your initiatives ? Once I hear back from you then I will send over an invite.


Lisa A. Burge
*: [number removed] / [email removed]com>
[email removed]

Hello John this is Lisa Burge calling from Totango. I received your inquiry that you wanted to speak to us regarding our mobility strategies and wanted to talk to you briefly and see if we could coordinate a time to have a conversation today or tomorrow. I’m at [email removed] And I’m gonna send over a quick follow up email and my direct number is [number removed]. Thank you so much I look forward to your response.”