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Getting Started With Stream
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** Three Tips for Success

Glad you decided to try out Stream! Integrating Stream is easy. Some of the largest apps in the world have built their activity streams and newsfeeds with Stream in just a few days.

Tip One

If you’re a developer try the getting startedpage. It explains Stream in just a few minutes. If you don’t write code, forward this email to your dev team or send an invitevia the dashboard.
Getting Started

Tip Two

Client libraries are available for Ruby, JS, Python, PHP, Java, Scala, Go & .Net. Stream’s framework integrations make the setup even easier. Rails, Django, Laravel, Node and Meteorare currently supported.
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Tip Three

We’ve developed 6 example apps that showcase the flexibility of Stream. Check them out to learn some neat shortcuts and best practices.
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Analyticsand personalizationare great tools for improving engagement, conversion and retention within your app.** Have questions?

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