SnapLogic – Demo Request Response


I noticed you recently visited the SnapLogic website and requested a demo.
Thanks for your interest!

Do you have 15 minutes for a phone conversation? I’m keen to find out more
about what you’re working on and what you would like to see from a demo.

I’d love to give you insight into how we have helped our clients like
Adobe, Capital One, Target, AstraZeneca and many others get the best out of
big data, cloud and on premise solutions and integrations between these
systems. It would also be great to understand your organisations challenges
around data integration, big data, data visualisation, cloud and on premise
solution integration.

SnapLogic has over 400 integrations (and counting) that we’ve already built
for many of the most common enterprise business applications in use today.
SAP, Oracle, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Salesforce, HDFS, ServiceNow, Workday.

SnapLogic helps you to quickly ingest, prepare and deliver big data
regardless of its variety, volume or source. SnapLogic can run natively on
Hadoop as a YARN managed service that scales out to power big data
analytics such as Tableau, Qlik, Big Query or others. Our platform is also
Spark, Hortonworks and Cloudera certified.

Benefits include:

14 month agility advantage over traditional integration solutions
Accelerate development and deployment by between 3-5 times
Reduce cost of integration by 50-70%
Users – Unlimited simple access across all your users with a single
1 Tool – Unified platform, you only need 1 product (as opposed to
multiple vendors – ETL/ESB/Etc)
Link to Big Data environments once (such as Hadoop) and never have to
worry about their technology changing

When would be the best time, for me to give you a call?

Best regards

*Dayo Ogunyemi | Cloud Integration Specialist*

D: +44 (0)

M: +44 (0)


*SnapLogic Inc* | 20st Dunstan’s Hill | Suite 106-A | London | EC3R 8HL |
United Kingdom

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have received it by mistake, please let us know by e-mail reply and delete
it from your system; you may not copy this message or disclose its contents
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on the Internet.

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