Recurly Day 3: Payment Methods

Recurly Day 3: Payment Methods
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Day Three

Payment Methods

Welcome to the third of five emails designed to launch your Recurly integration successfully! Each day, we’ll send you a topic to explore, and today we’re talking about payment methods. If you’re tired of logging into multiple systems to serve your customers, centralizing those payments within Recurly is well worth it!

Credit Cards

For most companies, collecting credit cards is critical to their business. While we use the generic term “Credit Card,” Recurly supports credit, debit, prepaid, corporate, and gift cards, aslong as they are also supported by your merchant bank. Each card type has its own unique challenges and advantageswhich our team can help you identify within your particular audience.

PayPal Payments

PayPal Payments are a great way to drive adoption especially in markets where credit/debit cards are not commonly used. Recurly’s PayPal integration is an advanced one while it does require a higher level of approval from PayPal, it allows you to accommodate upgrades, downgrades, one-time charges, and pricing changes. If you already have PayPal users, Recurly can migrate certain types of PayPal customers into our system to make life easier for you!


With millions of credit cards stored in Amazon, offering this payment method at checkout is a great option for many merchants.

ACH For merchants located in the United States, Recurly supports payment by bank account through a partnership with Check Commerce. Recurly will set up automated withdrawals from your customer’s bank account. This is great for larger invoices. Manual Payments

For all other payment methods, Recurly supports “Manual Payments,”which essentially allows you to record any type of external payment within Recurly. Just generate an invoice and Recurly will email it to your customer. When you receive payment for the invoice, that can be recorded within Recurly, keeping all your payments and user management centralized in one place.

Online Payments

For users that are sent a manual invoice, Recurly offers the option to pay online, either by credit card or ACH. At the time of purchse, the user has the option to store that information for all future payments, or to just use that payment method for one payment. It’s a great way to convert manually paying customers to automatic billings.
Centralize all your billing with Recurly by implementing some or all of these options! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate tocontact our support team , which is ready to guide you through these payment methods. Tomorrow we’ll discuss customizing emails and integrating webhooks!


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