Recurly Day 1: Configure Plans & Trials

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Day One** Configure Plans & Trials

Dear Jon,

Welcome to the first of five emails designed to launch your Recurly integration successfully! Each day we’ll send you a topic to explore, and today we’ll address the top questions we see around subscription plans and trial periods.
1. What is a subscription plan?A subscription plan tells Recurly how often (bill cycle) and how much (unit amount) to charge your customers. Within a subscription plan you can also define upfront charges (setup fees), trial periods, and optional products (add-ons).
2. How many subscription plans do I need? Generally you need one plan for each bill cycle (ie daily, monthly, and yearly) as well as for the presence (or not!) of a trial. You do not need to create plans iterating through different price points, because with Recurly you can override pricing on a per-user basis – more on that later!
3. Can I create a plan that doesn’t require a credit card at signup? Even with a $0 subscription, free trial, or a subscription discounted 100%, Recurly requires payment information on file to better qualify your customers.
4. When should I use add-ons? Add-ons are great for optional products you want to include in a customer’s subscription bill. For example, if you sell website hosting services, you may want an add-on for additional domain names. Add-ons are billed with the subscription and recur so long as the subscription remains active.
5. Why should I send Trial Ending or Renewal Reminder emails? In some locations, sending these emails are legally required. Beyond that, Recurly recommends sending these emails to keep a solid relationship with your customers and prevent chargebacks or refund requests. They’re a great tool to keep in touch with your subscriber base!
6. Do you support one-time charges? Yes – and they don’t require a subscription plan! You can use adjustments in the Recurly app or API to trigger a one-time charge for a user.That’s it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team, who is ready to guide you through any integration questions you may have. Tomorrow we’ll take a quick dive into PCI compliance and integration options.

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