Jon, Your Namely Demo Request

Hi Jon,

Thank you for submitting a demo request!

I’d love to briefly chat to explore how we can help you simplify HR and engage your employees. Do you have 5 mins today, this coming Wednesday, or Thursday?

If those days don’t work, you can put a time on my calendar here

Talk to you soon!


Hi this is Amanda calling from Namely. Thanks so much for requesting a demo on our site. I wanted to just get 10 minutes of your time to learn more about your business and see what you’re currently using for HR and set you up on that demo. Let me know when you’re available. You can give me a call at [number removed]. That’s [number removed] I’m also sending over an email so feel free to reach out via email as well. Hope to talk to you soon. Bye.

Re: Jon,Your Namely Demo Request

Hi Jon,

I’m floating the email to the top of your inbox! Are you free for a quick call on Friday or Monday?

We’re helping company like MediaMath, Optimizely, and KAYAK save more than 40 hours a month on HR, payroll, and benefits administration. I’d love to see what we could do for [not provided].



P.S. Namely Ranked #1 for 2016 Competitive Potential in HCM Market

Hi this is Amanda calling from Namely we’re in all-in-one HR talent payroll and benefits platform. We have over 400 client, streamline HR to save time and engaged employees. Let me know if you have two minutes to discuss when we can do for your business. You can give me a call at [number removed] that’s [number removed] or just shoot me an email. Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon. Bye.

Per your Namely Demo Request

Hi Jon,

Thank you for your interest in Namely! I’d love to chat about your HR processes over at [not provided].

Namely is the leading all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits platform for companies looking for simplify their HR processes and engage our employees. We’re used by 400+ clients including Blue Apron, VaynerMedia, and The Motley Fool.

What’s the best way to get 5 min on your calendar for a phone call?

You can schedule a time to chat here.



PS: I’ve included a screenshot of how beautiful our platform is.

Should You Self-Fund Your Employee Benefits?

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordable employee benefits.

Alternative Funding: How To Curb the Cost of Employee Benefits

* More and more companies are self-funding healthcare. Learn More
* A level-funded plan gives employers insight into employee health.
* Interview: Trends That Matter in HR Compliance
* Manuel Martinez-Herrera knows that culture is key to staying compliant. Learn More
* Namely’s VP of Law and Compliance outlines the challenges mid-market companies face.
* Massachusetts Enacts Transgender Restroom Law
* Violation of the law can result in a $100 fine or 30 days in prison. Learn More
* The act also prohibits ‘places of public accommodation’ from discriminating based on gender identity.
* Preparing for the New EEO-1 Reports
* For the first time, compensation data must be included in the surveys. Learn More
* Submitting false information could mean trouble for an employer.
* How to Make the Screening Process More Balanced
* Follow these states’ lead to make hiring fair and boost diversity. Learn More
* Screening practices can unfairly hide the best candidates.
* Healthcare Costs Pose New Surprises for Retirees
* Employers can help current workers save for future medical expenses. Learn More
* A 65-year-old couple retiring in 2016 will need an estimated $260,000 to cover costs.
* Customized Benefit Plans Make Employees Happy
* Giving workers plan diversity will boost productivity and lower costs. Learn More
* Keeping costs low and business strategies aligned while finding great benefits is a challenge.
* [Webinar] Demystifying Employee Compensation, from Offer to Promotion
* Check Namely’s HR News for compliance updates, or read up on the future of HR on the Namely Blog. | [email removed] [email removed] | [number removed] (tel:%)
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Checking in Namely Demo Request

Hey Jon,

I haven’t heard back from you on your demo request. Here is more information on why Namely is hot in HCM right now:

– Top Rated Core HR Software on TrustRadius 2016

– Integrates Lever, Greenhouse, NetSuite, and more


We add value to companies like [not provided] through saving time, retaining employees and engaging the entire company in an all-in-one HR, Talent, Payroll, and Benefits platform.

Let’s schedule a time to chat here.



Hi this is Amanda calling from Namely, the reason I’m calling is to save you time to engage your employees and integrate our HR systems into one beautiful and user friendly platform. Let me know if you have two minutes to discuss it and then we can do to simplify the way you run HR. You can give me a call at [number removed]. That’s [number removed] or just shoot me an email. Again this is Amanda calling from Namely hope to hear from you soon.