APIs and the Future of Data Science

Out of the Weeds and into Product: APIs and the Future of Data Science

Data science and product need to grow together, in a holistic fashion where both analysis and software are developed in tune with how people use an application. This requires more than finding better ways to deploy an analyst’s model into production. It means connecting the entire process of data science to the application, as it is built.

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Anypoint Studio 6.1 Release: Enhanced API Development Support

This release improves the user experience for the API sync feature and also includes RAML 1.0 support introduced in 6.0. We are also excited to extend Studio’s support for a new use case development of API custom policies.

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API security: Ways to authenticate and authorize

APIs have become a strategic necessity for your business. They facilitate agility and innovation. However, the financial incentive associated with this agility is often tempered with the fear of undue exposure of the valuable information that these APIs expose. With data breaches now costing $400M or more, senior IT decision makers are right to be concerned about API security.

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The unusual DNA of MuleSoft’s sales org

Three years ago, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than taking a job in sales. Cold calling, reeling off a cheesy script, Always Be Closing۝. I was a journalist at the time, and the idea of a sales gig made my skin crawl.
But, today, as part of MuleSoft’s Account Development (AD) team very much the frontline of the sales organization’s pipeline generation efforts I’m struck by just how wrong my preconceptions were.

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Introducing Anypoint Connector for Box

To start, load this demo app. It will show you two sets of CRUD operations for file and folder respectively. In this blog, I will go through a configuration of Box Connector and the CRUD operation for file, and you can try the CRUD operation for folder later based on the blog.

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