Welcome to Heyo – help inside!

Heyo Jon!

I see you signed up for our free trial. Welcome aboard! Our goal is to make sure you get the most out of our platform so you can grow your business.

Start off on the right foot with these three key tutorials:

**Dashboard Tutorial **

The dashboard is the home of your Heyo experience. It’s important that new users understand how to do their housekeeping here. This tutorial walks you through the working parts of the dashboard.

**Editor Tutorial **

The editor is where you get your hands dirty. Knowing how to quickly apply a template and tweak your campaign settings will make your Heyo experience a smooth one. Familiarize yourself with the editor in this tutorial.

**Publishing Tutorial **

If this is your first time launching a campaign, I’d recommend reviewing this tutorial. Knowing what to do immediately after take-off will ensure you reach orbit. Read on to launch your campaign with the confidence.

Ready to create your first campaign? Log in by clicking the button below. Use [email removed] and the password you have previously created to log in to Heyo.

If you need any help, simply reply to this email. We’re standing by at Heyo HQ to answer your questions.


Brooks Tiffany

Customer Care Manager, Heyo


P.S. Sign up for live Heyo training here: heyo.com/training

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