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How does Chameleon work?

Chameleon uses a JavaScript snippet to enable building and publishing in-product tours. Only admins see the Chameleon Sidebar (to build and manage tours) and you have full control over publishing and unpublishing; nothing is shown to your users without confirmation.

Is it easy to implement Chameleon?

Yes; it’s as simple as any adding a few lines of code in your tag, similar to how an analytics tool (e.g. Mixpanel) operates. Alternatively you can use our integration or try our Chrome extension first to just build tours.

Can I try Chameleon before paying?

Yes, you can try Chameleon by building as many tours as you like for free. However these will only be viewable to you; once you’re happy and ready to show users (and make a tour live), we ask that you sign up for a paid plan.

Which platforms does Chameleon support?

At this stage we are web-only and browser based, and will provide support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (9 onwards) which account for almost 95% of market share.

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