Eager to help you get your team onboard Buffer!

Hi there,

So grateful to have you giving Buffer for Business a whirl! Having a team of people helping with your social media strategy can be a crucial asset to achieve your social media goals. Adding Team Members to your Buffer for Business account is a great way to harness the power of your team to find content to share on your social network while preventing over-sharing. On Buffer for Business, you’re able to add team members either as Contributors or Managers.

Contributors are able to suggest new content, which you can then edit if needed, before approving it to be added to the queue. Managers are able to post directly to the queue, as well as helping you with approvals and managing the schedule saving you a ton of time in the process.

Keen to share some resources with you in the hopes you’ll find them helpful!

How and Why to Add Team Members [VIDEO] Collaboration Tools for Social Media Teams: You Don’t Have to Do It All Alone [BLOG] How One of the Most Popular Pro Sports Teams in America Shares to Social Media [CASE STUDY]

Click Here to Add a Team Member

I’d love to answer any questions at all about team members – or anything else! Feel free to reply to this email anytime 🙂

Best, Danny

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