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Hey John this is Maureen over at BigCommerce just wanted to touch base real quick. I noticed you started a free trial with us for online store didn’t have any questions or anything I can help you out with. If so my direct line is [number removed] and I’m also gonna send you an email as well with my contact info. Thanks.

How crickets made one man rich

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Chapul grew sales 300% with BigCommerce


A BigCommerce merchant turned crickets into a Shark Tank success

Many people thought it was crazy that Pat Crowley wanted to create a gourmet energy bar made from crickets.
Crowley originally funded his environmentally conscious product on Kickstarter and quickly set up an online store on BigCommerce. After seeing sales skyrocket, he went on Shark Tank to fund his company’s next step.

Mark Cuban invested $50,000 in Crowley’s crazy idea۝, allowing the company to ramp up production, distribution and promotion. Read our case study to see how Chapul has grown.


“We chose BigCommerce as a platform that we could launch our store on and stay with as we grow.”
— Pat Crowley, Founder & CEO

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Tactics for growing your business


BigCommerce is more than just an ecommerce platform we’re here to help you create a successful business. Here are some other insightful articles that help accelerate your growth:

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  • How to Set Up a Customer Loyalty Program and Increase Customer Lifetime Value More Than 150%
  • 4 Metrics that Aren’t What They Seem. Plus, Actionable Steps to Increase Your Bottom Line

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