Hi Jon,this is Basecamp’s story

Hey Jon,

Hi again! I wanted to tell you a bit more about how Basecamp came
to be.

Our company started out as a client-services firm 16 years ago.
Things were going wellreally well! But after a while, we
couldn’t keep up. We started losing track of things. We needed a
way to stay on top of it all: to organize and disseminate
information, discuss questions, and make decisions official. So
we built Basecamp to do just that.

Turned out, a lot of other people had the same problems too_ and
now there are more than 8 million people working the Basecamp
way, at companies big and small.

Over the years, we kept studying how teams work together. We put
all that wisdom into our newest version, Basecamp 3. It’s the
best Basecamp ever, and we’re super proud of it! But we’re still
learning every day.

If you have a minute, I’m wondering, what caused you to give
Basecamp a try? Just reply back to this email to let me know.


P.S. My awesome co-worker Chase made a video that shows how you
can use Basecamp to reduce meetings and chaotic email threads.
You can watch it here

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