Arena PLM Demo

Hi Jon,

I’m following-up on your request for a live demo of Arena PLM. Given our respective locations (we are in California, USA), it might be easier to communicate via email, at first.

Before we go farther, I’d like to understand your requirements.

Is your company an OEM?

How many total employees work for the company?

What kind of products does it develop/manufacture?

Are the products mass-produced or customized (one-offs)?

What’s the website address?

Are you looking for a system to manage BOMs and changes during product development and manufacturing (a PLM system)?

What is the product development process at your company?

How are you managing BOMs/changes now?

Do you outsource any of your business (design, manufacturing, etc), or is it all done in-house?

What business challenges are you trying to solve?

When would you like to have a system in place?

Have you looked at our online videos? Explore Arena PLM is a good place to start.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Lyne Therien
Sales Development Manager

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