Live Demo: Installing Kubernetes & An Introduction to Minikube


Kubernetes has rapidly become the leading container orchestration solution to be adopted by both developers and IT operations. Because of its continuing exponential growth, many organizations are expressing interest in implementing and leveraging Kubernetes immediately.

Join us for one of our two live demos on August 31st where we will showcase: Installing Kubernetes and An Introduction to Minikube

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The sessions, which will take place at 10 AM and 4 PM EDT, will provide the fundamental steps to getting started with Kubernetes and demonstrate how you can get your own fully-functional, local installation of Kubernetes in under a minute using minikube
Familiarity with our previous Kubernetes sessions, is recommended but not required.

Kubernetes 101 Session:
Kubernetes 201 Session:

To be discussed:

1. Installation and introduction to Minikube (with demo)
2. Installation of Kubernetes on any infrastructure – AWS, Azure, Google, On-Premises
3. Multi-node cluster best practices for production
4. Pitfalls to avoid

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