Smarter ways to work harder

– Zendesk introduces improved self-service tools –


Smarter Ways to Work Harder
We’re always working to make Zendesk better. That’s why we’re unveiling our first What’s New page, where we’ll highlight the freshest Zendesk updates each quarter.

We’ve made self-service more powerful. New additions include updates to the Web Widget, mobile-responsive themes, machine learning-powered search, and end-user profiles in Help Center. To find out more, feast your eyes on the What’s New page.Put it all together
RentMoola had email, ticketing, and chat integrated in Zendesk, but phone support was separate. Then they switched to Zendesk Voice. By integrating all their channels, RentMoola has lowered effort for their team and can better track customer interactions from start to finish.How humanistic design improves customer experience
Customer service is about more than dealing with angry people. It should prevent them from becoming angry in the first place. A recent study from JetBlue and Stanford University reveals how humanistic design can improve customer experience.You can’t wow your customers (but your customers can)
In a traditional customer service model, it’s hard to create delight. But with the right support and incentives, your customers can wow each
The ROI of customer support
Our friends at Segment work to make their customer service “magical” by bringing together their siloed customer data to perform better analyses.Start a Voice trial in minutes
Built right into Zendesk, Voice is a contact center solution that helps teams provide better phone support, more efficiently. Check out six quick tips to get started. Currently not available in all
Less work, less drama
Creating an effortless experience is anything but effortless. To help set you on the right path, we teamed up with HubSpot on a new customer loyalty ebook, How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back.Understand your community, get Zendesk swag
There are two ways you can launch your community: Start running with a minimum viable product, or take the time to plan your rollout. We have tips for both approacheslearn about your community, lay the groundwork, and launch. Oh, and get some Zendesk swag for your efforts.Moving in, moving on
Dorm Room Movers help college students move. Listen in to find out why phone support is still “in” and why all support channels should live under the same roof.
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Cooler in color: the Zendesk coloring book
We think our customer service coloring book will give you a laugh. Or at least somewhere to doodle in between tickets.Yeah, our CEO obsesses over customer service
See why Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane was featured in Fortune Magazine, talking about everything from chatbots to empowering customer service teams.Get an in-person demo
Zendesk will be hosting events in BrisbanePerthHong Kongand MelbourneAlso Look out for us at industry conferences and visit our booth for a demo of our latest featuresand snap up some special prizes and giveaways. See our full list of upcoming events.
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