New on Zapier this week: Six Updates for Detectify,ThunderMaps and more!

Updates for Detectify, ThunderMaps, Weather by Zapier, VisitorTrack, Slack and LinkedIn…

Your Latest Zapier Updates!

Here are 6 new ways to save time this week.

Weather by Zapier Updates: Find the Current Weather in Your Location

Keeping tabs on the weather means you’ll always be prepared. Zapier can now search for the current weather in your location and automatically send notifications to you or others.

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New to LinkedIn: Zap Posts to Your Company Page

Staying active on social media shouldn’t be a time sink. That’s why Zapier’s LinkedIn integration was recently updated: you can now post updates to your company’s LinkedIn profileplus your personal profileautomatically. Save time and automate even more of your social media management.

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New App: Collect Data from Any Location with ThunderMaps

Whether you’re a field service business or you gather leads door-to-door, location matters. ThunderMaps gives you the tools to capture all the details and location info you need, with mobile and offline access.

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New App: Turn Site Visitors into Leads with VisitorTrack

So many website visitors come and go without a trace. Capture the companies visiting your site, identify their known employees, and track the hottest leads with VisitorTrack. Then send those leads to your CRM, marketing, or contact management tools via Zapier.

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New App: Find and Monitor Site Vulnerabilities with Detectify

Your site is critical to your businessand so is its security. Detectify brings dedicated security testing to everyone by scanning your site for popular vulnerabilities and exploits used by hackers. Notify your team of security findings or send reports to the other apps you use by connecting Detectify to Zapier.

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Updates for Slack: Find Slack Users by Username

Slack is great not only for chatting with teammates, but also for sharing ideas with peers outside your company. Find out important details about those peerssuch as their job titles and email addressesby using Zapier to look up Slack users by their usernames.

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