Get a quick snapshot of how your stores are performing.

Hi Jon,

Being data-centric is key to retail success. Relying on measurable data instead of guesswork helps you make informed decisions toward higher profits, happier customers, and a more successful business.

With Vend Reporting, you can easily dive into your sales data to see how your stores are performing, what products are making you the most money, and who your best salespeople are. You can even run customer reports to identify your most loyal shoppers.

And that’s just the beginning. Vend also lets you run reports on your suppliers, outlets, products, and more, so you never have to worry about not knowing what’s happening in your business.

Read this support article to find out how you can take advantage of Vend Reporting. Or want to see it in action? Watch this video on how to run sales reports in Vend.

John Pingitore
Account Executive
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