Hey John this is Ted from Appcues calling to schedule the demo here looks like you might got my calendar maybe they weren’t any times on there that matched up for you so I figured it be easier to manually schedule something here. I’ll leave my cell phone Jon when you get a chance give me a call 61 excuse me [number removed] thanks.

Hi John this is Chris calling from Interlinks hope you’re doing well. Wanna follow up if you had a free moment I got a note that you may been interested in learning a little bit more about Interlinks and maybe exploring demo options. One of them myself as a resource. You can reach me at [number removed] or you can look at both email. Thank you. Bye.

Hi John it’s Alex calling from Geckoboard. I hope you’re very well and that you had a great weekend. I was reach out follow up on my previous message regarding your cable demo. And as I say very happy to get that sorted out but we do just like have a quick 10:15 minute chat before hand. Find out a bit more about what you’re looking for in a dashboarding tool. So I’ll follow up again with an email and that be fantastic if we could sort out sometime either tomorrow or Wednesday whenever is best. Just have a quick chat that we can get your demo but 10 ASAP. I hope you have a great day and looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Bye bye.

Hi Jon this is Anthony calling from Blackline following up on the demo you requested through our website a little while ago. Give me a call when you have a minute. The number is [number removed] and be happy to help coordinate. Once again Anthony Marino over Blackline [number removed]. Talk to you soon. Bye.

Hi John Kim it’s Luke calling from Ring Central. [number removed] following up on the information you submitted to our website concerning our communication systems. Want to get a better understanding of your needs and see how I can help you with your project. I will send you an email as well. I look forward to connecting with you here soon. Again Luke calling from Ring Central. thank you.

Hey John this is Paul calling from Channel Advisor. I saw a demo request you filled out on our website was hoping to connect with you for a few minutes on that. If you wanna give me a call back my direct line here is [number removed]. Again this is Paul from Channel Advisor calling in reference to the demo request you filled out and that number is [number removed] thanks bye.

Hey Jon, Dan again [number removed]. Just reaching out to grab a few minutes and see what brought you to the site and see how I can help you if you could give me a call back [number removed] or feel free to reply to my email at Dan dot nice @Ambition.com. Hope all’s well. Talk to you soon. Bye.