Hey Jon how’s it going this is Harmon Bruno here from Clearslide I saw you’d requested a demo and so I wanted to get you up speed on that. Give me a call here when you get this. Area code [number removed] I’ll follow up with something emailed to you as well. Really appreciate it. Thanks so much

Hi John this is Evan from New Relic. The reason for my call is that I saw that you had created an account with us it’s called Vodafone and that’s what this phone underscore 41 and looks like you’ve logged in a few times but didn’t deploy the pro trial and I was just wondering if there was anything calling you back from doing that. Whether you’d run into some sort of a road block and if I can provide you with any additional resources to get your account up and running. To find out little more about your interest in a performance monitoring as well and possibly answer any questions you might have about New Relic. So if you give me a call back I’d appreciate it my phone number is [number removed]. Again that’s [number removed] this is Evan from New Relic. Thank you. Bye.”

Hi Jon my name is Alex and I’m calling from Geckoboard. I hope you’re very well. Reaching out as I see you’ve booked a demo with our software. Delighted to see that you’re interested in Geckobard. What I recommend doing is we get that demo sorted out but it’s just tell me a quick 10:15 minute chat to find out a bit more about what is that you’re looking for the dashboarding tool. So what I’ll do now is I’ll follow up with an email that be fantastic if we could sort out some time to each other tomorrow already next week whenever is best for you. I have a quick chat that we can get your demo booked in ASAP. I hope you have a great day and looking forward to hearing from you soon. Bye bye.

Hey John this is Maureen over at BigCommerce just wanted to touch base real quick. I noticed you started a free trial with us for online store didn’t have any questions or anything I can help you out with. If so my direct line is [number removed] and I’m also gonna send you an email as well with my contact info. Thanks.

Hey John this is Max calling from Rocketrip. Just following up on your demo request. I wanna see if you any time maybe today or tomorrow to catch up on see if this might be a fit for Vodafone. My number here is [number removed]. I’ll shoot you a note as well might be easier just to set something up or email. Again my number here is [number removed]. Thanks Jim. Hope you’re from you soon. Bye.

Hi John Catherine calling from Bullhorn. Calling about the form you filled out our website I was wondering when a good time would be to speak about the platform and kinda figure out what you’re really looking for so please give me a call back when you can at [number removed] thanks Jon have a great day.

Hi Jon this is Chris and I’m calling from Chart.io. You can reach me at [number removed]. First off I wanna thank you for getting in touch with us. I’m excited to hop on a quick call to discuss a few ways chart you can help your business be more data driven I sent over an email earlier with the link to my calendar. Feel free to book a time there or just give me a call back at this number. Again this is Chris from Chart.io and my number is [number removed]. Thanks.

Hey John this is Charles with Janrain. I shot you a voicemail and actually an email as well yesterday in regards to setting up a time with you and your team there Vodafone in regards to a demo with Janrain. I just wanted to follow up with you haven’t heard back so just looking for the opportunity to gather just a little bit more information and certainly schedule a time with you and maybe some members of your team. So feel free to give me a call here at Jim [number removed]. Again John Charles. Janrain. [number removed]. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hey John, it’s Natalie over at Lever, . I was just following up because I saw you submitted some request not too long ago. I wanted to schedule just 10 or 15 minutes your time just to learn what you’re really looking for and also learn a little bit more about your hiring strategy at Vodafone so if you can give me a call back that be great. My number once again is [number removed]. Look forward to hearing from you Jon.