Slyce visual search follow up

Hello Renata and Jon,

I am following up on the request for information that both of you submitted
to our website individually. Jon simply requested a demo, and Renata, you
included this message:

Hi, we are doing some scouting in order to identify a possible partner
for an image recognition project. I would like to have a brief call
with you and send you an informal request for information.

Both of you listed Vodafone as the company you worked for, so I included
you both. Can you please clarify the use case you had in mind for visual
search? That will help me to provide relevant information to you both.
Also, please clarify if this is a project that could get budget assigned to
it, or just exploratory in nature at this point.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with you.

[image: Slyce]

*Tanner Londo*, Sr. Director of Sales – East
C.[number removed] <>
[email removed] ۢ Minneapolis, MN

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