Turn On Your Social Buzz

Make Rockbot’s social media tools do the work for you!

Everybody: “You need to be more active on social media!”

You: “Yes, but I have a lot of marketing to manage before I check what’s trending on Instagram.”

Rockbot: “Exactly. Rockbot’s social features give your brand buzz instantly & automatically.”

Here’s how:

– Users share their plays with @YourBrand included.
– Feature your social pages on Rockbot to increase fans!
– Auto-post your Top 10 plays online to engage fans.

Did You Know?

Rockbot drives 2x more check-ins per location than Facebook. With all that engagement, imagine the social buzz! Excited? #WhatWouldLilJonSay #Yaaaaayaa

Turn On Social Buzz

The Rockbot Team

More people tweet about music than any other topic.
– Bob Moczydlowsky, Head of Music, Twitter

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