Recurly Day 4: Webhooks & Emails

Recurly Day 4: Webhooks & Emails
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Day Four

Webhooks & Emails

Welcome to the fourth of five emails designed to launch your Recurly integration successfully! Each day, we’ll send you a topic to explore, and today we’ll address the questions we see around customizing emails and integrating with webhooks.

How Recurly Uses Emails

Recurly is designed to sendtransactional emails (i.e., non-marketing emails) alerting your customers to an action they approved (whether automated or directly triggered). We offer a series of emails for every action, from receipts, payment failure notifications, and password resets.

Email Customization & Configuration

Emails can be fully branded, and while we offer template suggestions you can re-write the emails to match your company communication style. At a minimum, we recommend populating your header with your company logoand your footer with your company contact information. Emails can also be enabled and disabled on a per-email basis, and in the case of some emails (trial ending or renewal reminder), configured to be sent on a per-plan basis. You can also establish custom senders, BCC or CC addresses.


Recurly offers an integration with MailChimp to automate andtrigger additional email types. It’s a great partnership to allow a full compliment of email communication to your customers.

Why Doesn’t Recurly Send Notifications for Expiring Cards?

This is probably the top email question Recurly Support receives! Because Recurly doesso muchto recover expired cards, we find this email type isn’t necessary. For those few customers that can’t be caught by our expiration date logic, they’ll fall into the normal communication methods for payment problems.


We like to think of emails as the way Recurly communicates updates to your customers, and webhooks as the way Recurly communicates updates to your servers.An integration with Recurly webhooks allows you to automate actions internally for example, if a customer’s payment fails, Recurly will send them an email, but we’ll also let your system know so you can show a “past due” banner on your website.

Ready to communicate to your customers now? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate tocontact our support team , which is ready to help set up your emails.Tomorrow’s email is the last, so we’ll dive into ongoing support and training.

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