Your PersistIQ platform trial.

Hi Jon,

I saw you signed up for a trial of our sales workflow platform. I’m reaching out to let you know that if you have any questions, I’m here to help.

We work with over 600 companies like Backerkit, Signifyd, and Gusto. Some of the great results these companies have seen with PersistIQ include 3x increase in sales activities and a 3x increase in pipeline growth. I’m happy to share insights on how you can replicate similar success for your team at Vodafone.

Thank you for your time and let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

Hi Jon,

How would you like it if your sales reps at Vodadfone achieved 3x pipeline growth next quarter? Companies like Signifyd, and Gusto use PersistIQ’s workflow platform to make their sales reps 2-3x more effective and I’m happy to share insights on how we can replicate similar success for your team.

Can we please pencil in a few minutes on your calendar to chat?

Thank you for your time, Jon!

Jon, interested in working with you

Hi Jon,

I hope Q1 has been going well so far.

Did you see CSO Insights’ Sales Performance Optimization Study? They found that the top objective for 2016 was capturing new accounts.

As a Sales leader at Vodafone, I thought it would make sense to reach out because the sales teams at Gusto, and Signifyd leverage PersistIQ’s workflow solution to optimize both personalization and volume at scale – resulting in 3x pipeline growth.

I’m confident we could help Vodafone with outbound sales. Can we find some time for a brief introduction?



I wanted to show you (below) how PersistIQ minimizes the time it takes from prospecting to first touch.

This works on any webpage, and enables your sales reps to generate the email address, personalize their communication, and add the prospect into a specific sales workflow in one step. All activities are automatically logged to your CRM as well.

Do you have a moment for me to walk you through this?


Jon, check out how I prospected you


In regards to my previous email, I thought it would be helpful to show how I originally started the conversation with you.

The PersistIQ chrome extension works across any webpage, and gives your sales reps the power of Salesforce wherever they are. As I add you into a targeted PersistIQ campaign, you are simultaneously created in Salesforce, with all activities automatically logged. In addition, the customized “Snippet” flowed directly into the email I sent you. Personalization no longer has to be sacrificed for efficiency.

What are your thoughts?

Warm regards,

Following up on my offer to help you crush Q3 quota, Jon.

Good morning Jon,

I’m following up on the last email I sent to you. Can we pencil in a few minutes on your calendar this week to chat?

I feel as if you care deeply about helping your team achieve their sales goals. With PersistIQ, you will have the perfect tool to have a highly engaging and personalized outbound sales process that will empower your team to bring in significantly higher revenue.

If you are not the best contact to discuss this at Vodafone, would you mind pointing me to the right direction? Thank you very much, Jon!