3 Annoying LinkedIn Behaviors and How To Deal With Them

Plus: Are You Being Paid Fairly?

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3 Annoying Things That Happen on LinkedIn (and How to Deal With Them)

LinkedIn is a professional networking site meant for workers and businesses to connect, grow, and share relevant news. LinkedIn is not Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and, for goodness’ sake, it’s definitely not Tinder. Here’s what you can do to deal with some of the annoying things that happen on LinkedIn.

3 LinkedIn Tips
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#Shoegate: Why Not Ask Successful Men to Share the Shoes That Best Describe Them

For reasons that defy understanding, St. Louis Business Journal chose to include, as part of its 25 Most Influential Business Women coverage, a photo gallery of the featured women, each holding the pair of shoes that best describes them.۝

Do pieces like this affect perception of professional women?

Being a Good Storyteller Could Boost Your Career

You understand the importance of building a professional network for achieving career success. You also know that soft skills related to social and emotional intelligence can make or break a career. But did you know that there is one skill that could help you with all of these things and more? Being a great storyteller could do wonders for your career.
See a few of the reasons why

Why It’s Worth Taking That Last-Minute Summer Vacation

Recent research shows that half of U.S. workers left vacation time unused last year. If you were one of them, this year could be different but only if you hurry up and take advantage of these last days of summer. Here’s why taking a last-minute break is the best idea for you, your family, and your career.

Why should you take a vacation?

Are You Being Paid Fairly?

Are you contemplating a new job and want to know what you should be paid, or are you concerned you’re not being compensated appropriately in your current role? PayScale’s Salary Survey can tell you what employees like you are making in your area.

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