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Hey Jon,

Looks like you’ve just joined Pantheon! I’m Zack Rosen, Co-Founder and CEO, and I wanted to reach out and welcome you to our platform.

We’re passionate about helping developers build, launch, and run websites in the fastest, most innovative way possible. From what we’ve seen, developers find the most success on Pantheon by getting started with our weekly live training. It’s a chance to spend time with our customer success team and other users to learn best practices from day one.

WATCH THE TUTORIAL [[https://pantheon.io/essential-training]]

Once you’re a team member on a site, you can log in here and do a tour of the platform. http://ntheon.io/NS00JGwk0004IKV0Yee0K1d

Hope you enjoy using Pantheon!

P.S. If you haven’t heard, we recently announced our biggest release of the year: ALL sites on Pantheon now come with New Relic APM Pro for free. We’re excited to bring the best monitoring tools available to all our users at no additional cost. Learn about it here http://ntheon.io/NS00QGwk0007INV0bee0K1d.

Zack Rosen
Co-Founder & CEO

717 California Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
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