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Hiring Tips: Scheduling Interviews


Are you scheduling interviews for your screening process?

We’ve found thatone of the biggest time-spends in a screening funnel lives in the process of scheduling interviews.

HR managers, recruiters, and operations teams normally spend hours a week playing email back-and-forth with individual applicants to find a good time for an interview or phone call. Does this sound familiar?

***Spending timescheduling?***

In OnboardIQ, this process is automated. Sync in your calendar, tell the dashboard when you’re free (or assign it to other users), and that’s it!

When an applicant lands on a stage that involves scheduling, they can simply book one of the times you previously created. You can even customize automated follow-up emails if an applicant doesn’t book herself/himself!


Once an applicant books an interview with you,OnboardIQ tries hard to make the applicant show up – letting you customize up to a numberreminder/follow up emails or texts prior to the interview. Of course, if the applicant needs to cancel or reschedule, it’s only a button-click away.

Boom! Time saved.
All the best,
Jeremy | Co-founder

**ZIRX**’s operations team uses OnboardIQ to automate their valet screening

process for valets to focus on the actual operations process.
**Shyp**’s expansion team uses OnboardIQ to organize and manage all their

active couriers and applicants across multiple cities.
**Caviar**’s HR team uses OnboardIQ to streamline plenty of service

providers into one, easy-to-use dashboard.