Thank you for your interest in Marin Software

Hi Jon,

Thank you for visiting the Marin Software website, and for taking an interest in our online advertising management platform. I’m Eric, the product specialist who’ll be assisting you with your evaluation of our product suite.

Before I jump in and prepare for our initial conversation, please answer a few questions so that I can make sure I understand your specific business needs.

1. What’s your primary interest in Marin Software?
2. What publishers are you using to manage your paid campaigns (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)?
3. What are your average monthly budgets across your preferred publishers?
4. What’s your evaluation time frame? Are you looking to implement a tool immediately, or is this a first step toward a later decision?

Feel free to send any additional notes about your online marketing strategies and goals! I’d like to go ahead and schedule a brief call to discuss your digital initiatives in more detail. What time would work best for you?

Thank you for your time and interest. Looking forward to speaking with you, Jon.


Eric Merryfield
Marin Software Account Executive

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