Feed the Beaver

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Feed the Beaver

Hoover Beaver is starving! He’s hungry for your logs, but you still haven’t fed him any data. Don’t let him suffer any longer!

Because Loggly doesn’t use proprietary agents, you’ll be up and running in less time than it takes to order a pizza:

– Enter your system, server-side app, or client-side app and preferences into our sources wizard to see your setup options.
– Copy and paste our handy configuration instructions.
– Click a button to verify that we got your logs!

Don’t see a logo for your log type in the setup page? We have tons of open source logging libraries

He’s desperate to chow down on your logs.

Happy Logging,
Rachel Walker
Trial Resource Manager
Loggly Inc.
[email removed]

Loggly Inc.
The world’s most popular cloud-based log management service.
1 Post St, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94104

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