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Webinar: 5 Steps to a Successful B2B eCommerce Rollout

Fueled by the growing revenue share of eCommerce transactions and shifting expectations among B2B buyers for more convenient ordering, there has been a massive increase in the adoption of B2B eCommerce among manufacturers and distributors. Rolling out a new solution, however, can be daunting.

In this comprehensive webinar, you’ll learn how to develop a thoughtful, strategic plan — from who should own the implementation process internally, to how to set commission structures for your reps, to how to measure success.

When: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

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This webinar will cover:

– How to determine your project team and the data you’ll need for the optimal customer buying experience.

– Specific strategies to get more retailers to order from your portal, and how to make sure your sales reps and your B2B eCommerce strategy are aligned.

– The most important KPIs you should be measuring to determine your portal’s performance.

About the Presenter

Jeff Reekers has helped thousands of businesses discover how B2B eCommerce technology can increase sales, improve customer experiences, and streamline operations. Having worked with companies across an incredibly wide variety of industries, Jeff has seen first-hand how powerful B2B commerce solutions can transform any business.

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