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Some of our clients include Microsoft, Google, Barclays.

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Welcome to DocuSign

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Our goal is to make your experience a success. We’ll be sending you a short series of emails throughout the course of your trial with helpful tips.

We think our customers’ “a ha” moment happens with DocuSign when they send their first document out for signature. Watch this 2-minute video to learn the ropes on sending.

Set up document templates for a new life hack. Once you’ve set up templates, you can send out your frequently used documents over and over again without any set up.

DocuSign is also great for returning documents that have been sent to you. Learn how to sign and return documents sent to you as an email attachment, for example.

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We’re here to help

Can we help you get started?

Whether you’ve started exploring your DocuSign trial, or are not sure where to begin, the resources below should help you get your bearings:

1. Join us for Ask the Expert Our live Q&A sessions are held weekly with a DocuSign expert. Come with your questions, or simply watch and learn how other people are using DocuSign.
2. Chat with a member of our support team Our support team works around the clock, and a great way to get in touch is through live chat.
3. Check out our short and simple overview of how DocuSign works if you still aren’t sure where to start:
Happy DocuSigning, and let us know how we can help!

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Free DocuSign integrations to make your life easier

DocuSign from the tools you love

Do you use Google Apps or Microsoft tools? Is it important for you to do business from your phone? We figure the answer is yes, which is why we’ve already integrated DocuSign with your favorite tools.

DocuSign directly from your favorite Microsoft apps, including Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM & Windows. Learn more https:/

DocuSign directly from Gmail, Google Drive and your Chrome browser. Learn more

Download DocuSign for your mobile device

Send from the road, sign on the plane, manage from your couch. DocuSign from any device.

Ready to use DocuSign on-the-go and in your favorite apps? Upgrade today to get started.


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