You might not be a good fit for

Hi Jon, thanks for signing up! If you have a minute right now, I have a quick question to make sure there is fit. If we are not a good fit, I’ll suggest another CRM instead.

How many calls and emails are you doing per day?


Action requested: Bulk Import

Hi Jon, I noticed you haven’t started your Bulk Import in yet. Would like some help with that?

Once you have imported your CRM contacts, historical email conversations from up to 2 years ago will appear (it’s magical). When you send an email from or your regular email application, it will automatically get tracked in and your regular email application. When you get a reply, it will also appear in

Your Business plan trial has unlimited calling minutes globally, which means you can call any of your contacts with one click.

Start your import right now by going to top right corner: your name > Bulk Import.

Rebecca Followup

Hi Jon, following up. I have a few questions to determine if is the right fit for you. The purpose of me asking is to save you time and ensure that I have done everything in my power to make your trial successful. If we are not a good fit, I will suggest another CRM.

Please let me know if any of these times work for a 15 minute call. I will share my agenda in the calendar invite.

  • Tomorrow at 9am or 2pm EST
  • Monday at 11am or 3:30pm EST
  • Tuesday at 10am or 4pm EST


Trial ending

Hi Jon, your trial is ending soon. I have reached out but we were unable to connect. I take it that one of the following is possible:

  • You will be upgrading once your trial expires – Yay!
  • Now is not the right time for you to purchase a CRM – In that case, I completely respect your timing and hope to connect with you at a better time in the year
  • You have some hesitations about upgrading or haven’t used the trial – I’d love to hear your concerns and explore some options with you

Looking forward to your response.