Welcome to Clearbit!

Hi Jon,

Thanks for trying Clearbit! Let’s get you started.


The easiest way to test Clearbit out is by using the Lookup page in the
Dashboard from that page it’s super simple to test out the
Enrichment, Prospector, and Discovery products.

If you’d rather, you can test out any of the APIs via cURL just
grab your API key and start curling! We won’t judge if you run your own email first. 🙂


Dive in to our API docs and learn how to
access all of our endpoints (you should also check out our Knowledge Base for overall documentation).


Let’s rock it! There are several ways to integrate with Clearbit:
* Directly through our REST API

* Through the Ruby gem, Node package, or Python package

* Using one of our pre-built integrations: Salesforce, Marketo, Close.io, Slack or Google

If you’d just like to see the goodness of Clearbit directly in your Gmail inbox, check out Clearbit Connect (our GmailChrome Extension).

That’s should be enough to get you started if you have any questions shoot a reply directly to this email.

Welcome to Clearbit! We’re excited to have you.

Amit Vasudev
Chief Business Officer @ Clearbit

Clearbit 3030A 16th St San Francisco, CA 94107 USA
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Clearbit & Segment integration

Hi Jon,

Our goal has always been to provide you with the best business
intelligence data in the fastest and easiest way possible. Today
we are happy to announce that it just got even easier with the
release of our new Segment integration. Delivering enriched
customer data to any of your existing systems is now as easy as
flipping a switch.

With a few clicks you can now pipe Clearbit data to Redshift,
Mixpanel, Amplitude, or any of Segment’s 300+ integrations. Once
there, you can segment customers, run reports, or even send
targeted email.

In fact, we’re so bullish about Segment being the golden path to
using Clearbit that we’re going to give customers who use the
integration a free 5000 request Enrichment plan for a month
(usually $149). Contact us ( [email removed] )
for more info about the promotion.

We think our Segment integration is one of the best ways of using
Clearbit for the following reasons:

* Ease of use. For existing Segment customers, the integration is
a one click install – no coding required.

* Integrations. Segment has over 300 integrations that you can
immediately pipe Clearbit data into.

* Reliability. Our integration does all the rate limiting &
exception handling for you – it just works.

Here are the steps to get the integration setup.

A big thanks to IBM, AdRoll, and all of the other beta customers
that have helped us perfect the integration

We are always interested to hear how customers are using the
Clearbit APIs, and we’d love to hear how you plan to integrate
Segment and Clearbit into your workflow!


Clearbit 3030A 16th St San Francisco, CA 94107 USA