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CA Flowdock is all about making your team more productive. You will get the best evaluation experience by inviting your whole team to CA Flowdock at once.

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What is CA Flowdock?

CA Flowdock is a chat tool for teams. It lets you easily communicate with the people you work with. Say goodbye to those annoyingly long email threads!

How does it work? Easy. Each chat room in CA Flowdock is called a flow. Front and center in each flow is the flow’s chat. Send a message to the chat to start talking with your teammates.

To see what other flows are available in your company, click on the + icon at the bottom of the sidebar. You can also start private conversations with your teammates from there.

Thanks to the CA Flowdock apps, CA Flowdock can be used when you’re at your computer or when you’re on the go. Download the apps from Of course, CA Flowdock works great with any web browser just open to get connected with your team.

To get the most out of CA Flowdock, we strongly recommend that you connect CA Flowdock with your team’s tools. That way, you can see what everyone’s working on. See a list of CA Flowdock’s supported integrations from

To learn more about CA Flowdock, read about how the Flowdock team uses Flowdock:

Have any questions? You can always reach the CA Flowdock team at [email removed]

CA Flowdock is your team inbox with chat.
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Account Created – CA Technologies App Experience Analytics Self-Provisioning Portal

Welcome to the Application Performance Management Suite from CA Technologies! Featuring CA App Experience Analytics


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CA App Experience Analytics is a unique solution that provides your business analysts, app developers, and IT operations and support teams with the complete visibility and insights needed to achieve user loyalty and maximize potential value to customers. CA App Experience Analytics provides a comprehensive solution to visualize and analyze user experience and app health; capture and investigate issues; and inform app teams with real-world customer usage data to deliver the most impactful features and fixes in the next app update.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time, or visit www.ca.com/AXA. Also, please join the CA APM Community to learn, share, and connect with your peers!

CA Technologies

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Getting Started with CA App Experience Analytics

Hello Jon,

Now that you’re signed up for the CA App Experience Analytics, we wanted to help you along with a short video that gives you an overview of the solution as well as helpful tips and tricks!

By trying CA App Experience Analytics, you will see first-hand how you can quickly gain insight into app health and user experience, capture and investigate performance issues before the end-user is effected, and provide app teams with real-world customer usage data all to support the delivery of a five star mobile application.

If you have a question about the trial, we’re just one click away with the answers you need

CA App Experience Analytics Team

*This service is available between 9-7 p.m. ET for customers located in the U.S. and Canada. For customers in other countries, we will call you as soon as possible.

CA App Experience Analytics

Access the CA App Experience Analytics Overview Video!

CA App Experience Analytics

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Hey John this is Paige with CA Technologies I was reaching out to you about your trial request for application experience analytics. I would like to schedule a recession with you to learn more about what specific capabilities that you’re looking for and also get you set up with an engineer to make sure that everything on your trial is running correctly and you don’t have any other questions about it. My number is [number removed]. Again that’s [number removed] and I’m gonna go ahead and shoot give her a quick email as well. Talk with you soon. Bye.

Hey John this is Paige with CA Technologies again I am reaching out to you about your free trial version of a X8. I would like to set up some time with you to speak with an engineer actually the trial. Make sure everything is up and running smoothly. They don’t have any questions. My number is [number removed]. Again that’s [number removed]. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Have a good day.

Do You Have 5 Minutes?


How are you? My name is Paige Snyder and my team supports App Experience Analytics (AXA) and the free trial version of AXA. I get a notification whenever a CA client downloads a trial and would hate for you to not receive the proper attention and support you need, as it’s my job to connect you with an engineer (CC’d) to ensure you get up and running with no issues.

Let’s schedule a call to further discuss your needs for downloading the tool. Would tomorrow afternoon work for you?
I’m looking forward to working with you.

Thanks and have a great day,
K. Paige Snyder
CA Technologies

CA Technologies | Legacy Plaza | 5465 Legacy Dr | Plano, TX | 75024
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[email removed] World]

Follow Up: AXA Trial Download

Hi Jon,

Hope you’re doing great.

My name is Gokul and I am a technical lead with CA Technologies.

I understand that you had requested for a Trial and would love to know more about your interest. I would love to help you out in setting up your trial and working with you on a constant basis.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Gokul Sridharan
Team Lead-Digital Presales

CA Technologies | 5465 Legacy Drive Suite 700 | Plano, TX 75024-3106
Office: +11537 | Mobile: +1 | [email removed]

[email removed]

Hey John this is Paige with CA Technologies again. I am reaching out to you because have you registered for the AXA trial. I would like to schedule a five minute conversation with you to learn more about what specifically you’re looking to get out of the trial. And also one we can set up a time for you to speak with an engineer to make sure that the trial is running correctly and you everything that you need. My number is [number removed]. Again [number removed]. I look forward to speaking with you soon.