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Welcome to your 30-day free trial of Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience! With just one click you’ll be ready to discover a modern and high-definition web conferencing solution:

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Moderators have full control over all the features and settings within Collaborate. Use this link to have an instructor or presenter experience.

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Thirty days goes by fast so be sure to make the most of your trial. We’ll send you some tips and ideas along the way.

Looking for help? Visit our Collaborate help portal where you can browse our repository by user type for more insight.

Introducing the new Blackboard Collaborate features

Discover four key features to get you started.

Discover the new Blackboard Collaborate

A clutter-free experience that puts everything at your fingertips

Dear Jon,

Have you accessed your 30 day trial account already? Get started now!

Enter Collaborate as a moderator:

Moderators have full control over all the features and settings within Collaborate. This access link is to be used by the instructor or presenter.

Guest access link for participants:

Guest participants have limited access to all the features within Collaborate. It is up to the moderator to decide which functionality participants are entitled to use.Here are a few highlights to get you started

Blackboard Collaborate can significantly increase student engagement with these improved features:
Raise your hand

Participation counts. That’s why the hand-raising feature tracks the order in which hands are raised and lets the moderator call on participants.

Chalk it up

Collaboration is enhanced with real-time annotations and text. Whiteboard text editing allows content to be added and edited on the fly.

Did you know? You can reach your learners, wherever they are

Collaborate is browser-based which means simple deployment and convenient access with nothing to install and more supported mobile devices, including Chromebooks.

Faster, sharper AppShare

Share an entire screen or a specific app with the visual app selector. Conference layout auto-adjusts to highlight shared content, with no visual blocks.

Simple, fast file sharing

Share content with drag-and-drop ease. PowerPoint and PDF files can be shared without additional software. Blackboard Collaborate also supports real-time annotation and text entry.

Want to learn more about system integration possibilities?

Our sales team can provide you with more information on advanced capabilities and system integration possibilities. Contact us today.

Polls in Collaborate increase learner engagement

Discover how Collaborate can improve learner engagement hands on.

It’s now easier than ever to lead virtual classes with Collaborate
An improved learning experience for students, trainers and educators

Dear Jon,

Invite colleagues and friends to join your web conference and discover how the Blackboard Collaborate can improve learner engagement hands on:

Enter your trial as a moderator:

Explore Collaborate from the educator’s perspective.

Enter your trial as a participant:

Access Collaborate as a learner.Use polls and reports to improve the learning experience.

Moderators can poll participants in their sessions. They can use a poll where they choose YES or NO as an answer, or give several answers to choose from. Participants only see the choice they make, while Moderators can see an overview of all the choices made.

The new session attendance report provides you with an overview of when participants joined and left the sessions. It also provides details of how long participants were present in the session on average.

You can also take a deep dive and see the full report as to when each participant joined and left the session. With this knowledge, you can check in with individual participants to see if they were having any technical issues or need a quick review of what was presented and discussed.

Did you know? Collaborate was built specifically for Education

Collaborate is a very powerful web conferencing solution in its own right, but it was built specifically to work within an education environment, integrating seamlessly with both Blackboard Learn and Moodlerooms.

Ready to use Blackboard Collaborate in your institution?

Our sales team can provide you with complete information on how to implement and get started with Blackboard Collaborate. Contact us today

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