Welcome to AppDynamics Pro SaaS Trial

Hi Jon Kim,

You are moments away from monitoring your applications!

To get started, log into your AppDynamics Pro SaaS Trial using the instructions below:

1. Go to your SaaS URL: Vodafone504
2. Log in with the following credentials:

After clicking “Login”, you’ll be redirected to AppDynamics.com to enter your AppDynamics credentials. If you’re already logged into AppDynamics.com, you’ll automatically be redirected to the Getting Started Wizard.

3. Click on “Agent Download Wizard” for instructions on how to deploy AppDynamics agents

If you need help at any point during your trial, feel free to reach out to us on the Discussion Forum on AppDynamics Community

You can also refer AppDynamics Pro Documentation for help. Please note that is a trial of our SaaS product (i.e. we host your data). If you’d like to start a trial of our On-Premises product, please visit your subscriptions page and click on “Start On-Premises Trial”.

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Best regards,
The AppDynamics Operations Team Support

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